Forage Boxes

1 or 2 kg hay boxes topped with a generous mixture of forage. Different themes are released throughout the year.

Hay FAQs

  • Which Hay would you recommend for a Rabbit?

    • For rabbits we recommend feeding them a ix of our Timothy and cotswold sweet hays. Both hays have good nutritional values as well as being fragrant and long in stem so perfect for keeping teeth in tip top condition. We know both of these hays are firm favourites with our rabbit reps!

  • Which Hay do you recommend for Guinea pigs?

    • We recommend our Cotswold sweet and silky soft hays for Guinea pigs. Both hays are lovely and green and are slightly softer than our Timothy hay which reduces the eye poke worries for pet parents too. Both hays smell delicious, have lovely long strands and can be enjoyed for a healthy meal as well as for bedding and play.

  • What hay should i order if i have allergies?

    • If you or your pet hay allergies or any respiratory issues we highly recommend ordering hay in our bale formats. These bales contact the same quality hay as our loose boxes but have also been dust extracted through our baling machine. This has helped many of our customers who have hay fever or asthma when feeding or cleaning out their pets.

      Out of all of our hays our cotswold sweet is the least dusty hay. The timothy hay has large seed heads which are known to affect people with both asthma and hay fever.

Nutritional Breakdown of Hay and Grass*

Hay Type Crude Fiber Crude Protein Calcium
Orchard Grass 34% 10% 0.33%
Timothy Hay 32-34% 8-11% 0.4-0.6%
Oat 31% 10% 0.4%
Dried Grass 22-28% 12-14% 0.55%
Meadow 33% 7% 0.6%
Alfalfa 28-34% 13-19% 12-14%
Bermudagrass 29% 10% 0.46%

We don’t make your hay the traditional way.Our process is different and better

We mow the hay and ted it just like the traditional method. But instead of baling it in the field (open to the elements), we collect it loose within 24 hours of being cut and take it to our specially designed barn to finish the process under controlled, weather-proof conditions.

Here it is much easier to achieve the magic 12% moisture content consistently

The hay you receive is green, fragrant, nutritious, balanced in minerals, and free of harmful spores and dust.

The perfect hay for your pets, year in – year out

See how we make our Premium Hay to a consistent quality all year round