Rat Hay

Irresistible hay for your Rat, from the heart of the Cotswolds

Our ultra-premium hay is the ideal product for healthy, happy rats, with a delicious botanical aroma, natural fibrous texture and packed with minerals and nutritional content for small pets and rodents.

Rats can eat considerable amounts of hay as part of a balanced diet to keep their teeth strong and in great condition, with fragrant hay promoting natural foraging skills which encourage movement and keep rats engaged and mentally active.

Rat Hay FAQs

  • How much hay should I feed my rat?

      • Rats are omnivores and don't rely on hay in the same way Rabbits and Guinea pigs do. However hay should still be available to rats as part of a well balanced diet as it is full of fibre. Rats thrive with a diverse environment of materials from hay to sand and soft bedding. Hay is not just great for eating but also for bedding for rats.
  • Can rats eat dried forage?

      • Rats can have their diet enhanced by giving a selection natural forages. In the wild, rats would forage plants and flowers for seeds, petals and leaves for both bedding and a tasty snack.It is important not to forage flowers from gardens was they may hay been treated with harmful chemicals. Rats will enjoy rose petals, chamomile, lavendar, nettles, mariolds, sunflowers and dandelions. Flowers and plants should be fed as treats to Rats to avoid imbalances in their digestive system.
  • What treats from your selection are suitable for my Rat?

    • Rats can enjoy many fruit and vegetables as part of a balanced diet, although these should be given in moderation due to their high sugar content.

      Rats enjoy dandelions leaves, sunflowers, rose petals and parsley.

  • How long do Rats live for?

    • Rats have an average life expectancy of around 2 years however pet rats with the correct care and environment can live up to 5 or 6.

  • What are the key benefits of high quality hay for my rat?

    • Like other small pets, rats teeth grow continuously, so hay in their diet to help with their teeth management. They would also benefit from natural chew toys to help keep teeth down and avoid costly vet expenses.

      Dandelion root & Applewood sticks are examples of perfect natural chews to manage teeth. Seagrass toys are another great option for a chew toy.

The Little Hay Co. Refined Production Methods

Each bale of sweet, green hay we produce has been collected directly from the field within 24 hours of cutting, preserving those essential ingredients and flavours that are enticing for rats and other pet rodents.

We use a barn-drying technique to retain a consistent 12% moisture content all year round, using special weather-controlled processes to ensure each box and bale is as fresh and nutritious as possible.

Rats and mice often eat hay, with a fantastic texture for their teeth, and as a nutritional supplement to support healthy digestion. They also use hay for nesting, so superior hay without dust, damp, mould, or spores is vital to their health – poor quality hay can be severely detrimental to cage hygiene. In contrast, our exceptional hay is warm, healthy and a multi-purpose product.