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Meadow Hay & Timothy Blend

Meadow Hay & Timothy Blend

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Our Meadow Hay or Timothy Blend is made from quality seed grass.

It has lovely long, crunchy strands and has a mixture of fuller rougher Timothy seed heads, as well as a mix of Rye (Cotswold sweet) and Fescue Grass. This hay is around 65% Timothy Hay. 

This hay is ideal for digestion and teeth maintenance in your pet as it contains long, coarse strands. Our Timothy blend has a diverse variety of seeds which makes it the hay of choice you would want your pet to have a balanced diet and encourage their natural foraging instincts.

Our Timothy Blend/Meadow Hay is a coarse cut so is best suited to pets who enjoy a crunchy hay or need to wear down their teeth. Guinea pigs and smaller animals usually prefer our Silky soft or Cotswold Sweet hays for bedding liners or hay piles however would still enjoy this hay to keep their teeth in check. 

Product qualities:

✓ Premium quality
✓ Fuller, rougher flower head
✓ High in fibre
✓ Green in colour
✓ Fragrant and delicious for your pets

This hay is a  mixture of Timothy, Rye and Fescue Grasses, ideal for variety and tastiness.

This is our most cost effective hay so is great to keep on hand as a mainstay hay alongside other treat hays such as Oat hay.

Rabbits and pets who like a course cut Timothy hay may like this hay as a cheaper alternative. 


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