Hamster Hay

Irresistible Hamster hay from the heart of the Cotswolds

Our exceptional hay is ideal for hamsters to gnaw and nest, with the perfect balance of nutritional content, moisture, and farm-fresh scent.

Fibrous, flavoursome hay is essential to keep hamsters’ teeth and digestion healthy, packed with beneficial natural minerals. We offer a range of delicious natural hays to suit the tastes of even the most particular pets.

Hamster Hay FAQs

  • How much hay should I feed my hamster?

    • Hamsters are omnivores and don't rely on hay in the same way Rabbits and Guinea pigs do. However hay should still be available to hamsters as part of a well balanced diet as it is full of fibre.

      Hamsters thrive with a diverse environment of materials from hay to sand and soft bedding. Hay is not just great for eating but also for bedding for hamsters.

  • What else should I feed my hamster as well as hay?

    • Hamsters should eat a varied diet of hay, sprays such as Millet, small amounts of fresh fruit, seeds and occasional treats such as nuts of mealworms.

      A list of hamster safe fruit and vegetables include:


      • Carrot
      • Broccoli
      • Cabbage
      • Cauliflower
      • Chicory
      • Spinach
      • Sweet peppers
      • Cucumber
      • Cress
      • Courgette


      • Apple
      • Pear
      • Peach
      • Melon
  • What are the key benefits of high quality hay for my pet?

    • If you cannot feed enough hay to your pet, its teeth and digestive system will suffer.  As hamsters are notoriously selective (even fussy!) it's ideal to offer them the best choice you can to encourage a regulated and balanced daily consumption of their own volition.  We want your hamster to be excited to see our hay each day!

  • Can Hamsters eat dried forage?

    • Hamsters can have their diet enhanced by giving a selection natural forages. In the wild, hamsters would forage plants and flowers for seeds, petals and leaves for both bedding and a tasty snack.

      It is important not to forage flowers from gardens was they may hay been treated with harmful chemicals.

      Hamsters will enjoy rose petals, chamomile, lavendar, nettles, mariolds, sunflowers and dandelions.

      Flowers and plants should be fed as treats to hamsters to avoid imbalances in their digestive system.

  • Is hay a good bedding for hamsters?

    • Hamsters love a selection of materials in their enclosure to stimulate their senses, play with and make a comfy bed. Hay is a brilliant medium for hamsters for bedding as it helps keep them warm. It also doubles up as a tasty midnight snack!

Refined UK Hay Production for Happy Hamsters

The Little Hay Co. uses a unique process to produce the finest quality hay for small pets, with precise controls to ensure every bale is consistently free from dust and spores that can be harmful to hamsters and other rodents.

Premium hay is rich in flavour, taste, minerals, scent, and moisture, without any dusty residue. As a significant part of the nutritional needs of small species, picking an outstanding hay farmed and baled here in the Cotswolds is the best way to care for pets and livestock, ensuring they have the right level of nutrition.

Our experienced team uses innovative production solutions to retain those all-important features that make a difference to pet wellbeing – and we have refined our techniques to produce equally fantastic bales all year round, regardless of the weather.