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Sunshine Forage Box

Sunshine Forage Box

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Delight your pet with the Sunshine Forage Box! Filled with a medley of sunshine, forage and fibre, your pet will love digging into a feast of sunflowers, marigolds, pear sticks, bananas, grass pellets and your choice of hay - all topped off with a chewy chew cookie for a sweet surprise! Get yours today and let the foraging fun begin!

Available in 1 Kg and 2 Kg formats with your choice of Cotswold Sweet, Silky Soft and Canadian Timothy Hay 

Ingredients: Sunflower leaves, Marigolds, pear sticks, plantain leaves, grass pellets, banana chips and a Chewy Chews Little Hay Co Cookie. 

Delivery cost is from £4.99 and delivery is by DPD.

Please note when ordering a 5kg or 10kg eco box please ensure you have a dry, safe place if you are not able to be home for your delivery. Not going to be in? Order our new dust extracted bales as a weather safe option!

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