Degu Hay

Irresistible hay for your Degu from the heart of the Cotswolds

Although degus can eat nuggets and other food products as a supplement, their core diet should comprise large amounts of high-quality fibre, with hay an essential element of their nutrition.

The quality of degu hay is as important as the quantity since dusty hay and excessive moisture cause bloating and respiratory complications. Our exceptional Cotswold hay is produced with innovative methods to eliminate potential harmful spores and provide the ideal diet for healthy, happy degus.

Degu Hay FAQs

  • How much hay should I feed my degu?

    • The general rule is to feed your degu the same volume of hay as their furry bodies are - but as always do consult your vet if you have detailed questions on your individual pet.

  • What else should I feed my degu as well as hay?

    • Pets like treats, but this should be no more than 15% of their diet.  Without this balance of 15% treats to 85% hay dental and digestive problems can occur.  If you notice any worrying symptoms, please consult your vet.

  • What are the key benefits of high quality hay for my degu?

    • If you cannot feed enough hay to your degu, its teeth and digestive system will suffer.  As degus are notoriously selective (even fussy!) it's ideal to offer them the best choice you can to encourage a regulated and balanced daily consumption of their own volition.  We want your degu to be excited to see our hay each day!

  • How long will it take for my order to arrive?

    • Orders placed before 1pm weekdays will be sent for next day delivery, excluding bank holidays and weekends.

  • Which carrier will deliver my order?

    • DPD are our chosen carrier

  • My order has arrived damaged, who should I contact?

  • What is your refund & exchange policy?

    • We welcome your feedback and are happy to provide a no quibble replacement if there is dissatisfaction. If we cannot correct an issue, of course we will refund you.  This works for only one incident a year - more than that and we will arrange with you a collection of the product to provide both parties with a better understanding.

      If your question isn’t answered above, please email our team and we will be happy to help:

How We Produce Ultra-Premium Feeding Hay for Degus

The Little Hay Co. specialises in fantastic, naturally flavoured hays for small species, with barn-drying and production control techniques that guarantee consistently high quality every month of the year.

As with many other small pets, hay makes up the vast majority of a degu's nutrition, with synthetic foods limited to 10 grams per day.

Small rodents would forage in the wild and access minerals and vitamins such as calcium, vitamin C and phosphorous from grasses and tree bark. Replicating this intake with premium hay is an excellent option, ensuring they have the right balance of nutrition, particularly relevant to degus that cannot eat foods formulated for other species such as hamsters, gerbils, and rabbits.

Our hay production methods ensure that every bale is fresh, green, fragrant, and the perfect food for active degus.