Welcome to The Little Hay, The Home Of Cotswold Sweet

Irresistible hay for rabbits, Guinea pigs and other small animals made in the heart of the Cotswolds.

No matter the weather or the time of year, our premium hay is as good today as it was when harvested. All thanks to our unique weather-proofed harvesting process.

We offer a range of irresistible, premium, rabbit and small pet hay that your pets will adore.

Our hay is full of flavour, smells amazing and offers all the nutrition your pet needs as part of a balanced

We don’t make your hay the traditional way.
Our process is different and better

We mow the hay and ted it just like the traditional method. But instead of baling it in the field (open to the elements), we collect it loose within 24 hours of being cut and take it to our specially designed barn to finish the process under controlled, weather-proof conditions.

Here it is much easier to achieve the magic 12% moisture content consistently.

The hay you receive is green, fragrant, nutritious, balanced in minerals, and free of harmful spores and dust.

The perfect hay for your pets, year in – year out!

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