Rabbit Hay

Rabbit Hay

Our ranges of tasty premium hay are ideal for rabbits, who rely on hay to provide essential nutrition. Each bale has the right balance of texture and taste to keep your pet's teeth in optimal condition, with fibrous stalks and locally farmed grasses the best way to care for their welfare.

We offer a range of natural hays, all grown and baled here in the Cotswolds, retaining a perfect combination of moisture, nutrition, and organic content.

Rabbit Hay FAQs

  • Which type of hay should I buy?

    • Timothy Hay is quite a hard hay with deliciously large seed heads.  It is good for nutrition and dental care.

      Silky Soft Hay is not quite so hard as Timothy but slightly more nutritious.

      Cotswold Sweet Hay is very, very palatable but offers slightly less wear on the teeth - great to build condition, great to burrow in and great to hide and sleep in.  This is often the most sought after hay.

      Meadow Hay is a coarse cut hay which offers wear on teeth with long crunchy stems. This is our only field made hay and is our most cost effective choice.

      Canadian Timothy is a coarse cut hay which we import from Canada. This hay is beautifully green however is dustier than our UK grown products and so can be less suitable for pets and owners with respiratory concerns.

  • How much hay should I feed my rabbit?

    • The general rule is to feed your rabbit the same volume of hay as their furry bodies as a minimum! The great thing about rabbits and hay is you cannot overfeed them, always ensure your buns have access to fresh green hay throughout the day and night to maintain a healthy gut and good dental health.

  • What else should I feed my rabbit as well as hay?

    • Rabbits like treats, but this should be no more than 5% of their diet.  Without this balance of 5% treats, 10% veggies and 85% hay; dental and digestive problems can occur. 

      We stock a number of treats and forages to add to your buns daily diet. From ChewyChews UK homemade cookies to boxes of Dandelion roots we have everything your bun needs for a healthy balanced diet. If you notice any worrying symptoms, please consult your vet.

  • What are the key benefits of high quality hay for my rabbit?

    • If your rabbit doesn't eat enough hay, it's teeth and digestive system will suffer.  As rabbit are notoriously selective (even fussy!) it's ideal to offer them a variety of premium quality hay to encourage a regulated and balanced daily consumption.

      We want your rabbit to be excited to see our hay each day so we offer lots of choice to help keep them munching!

      We also have a selection of Forage boxes which are great to encourage their natural instincts and get them digging for their favourite treats and hay strands.

  • What is your refund & exchange policy?

    • We welcome your feedback and are happy to help resolve any issues or complaints.

      If you have a problem with your order please email our team and we will be happy to help: info@littlehayco.com

Our Advanced Hay Production Techniques for Healthy Rabbits

Over the years, we have developed an innovative approach to hay production, using traditional farming integrated with quality control measures and barn-dried methods to ensure that our premium hay bales are always deliciously fragrant.

Ensuring rabbits eat the right amount of hay for their digestion and teeth is important – and you can mix and match different natural hays and grasses to keep them tempted by rich, green, and healthy hay without dust, spores or mould.

Consistency is key, and a Little Hay Co. subscription guarantees you the same reliably fantastic quality hay to keep your rabbit's diet on point without any dusty residue left at the bottom of your bale.