High-quality delicious Hay for your small family pets

We produce premium quality clean hay for you year in, year out

We grow specially selected grass species to ensure that we can meet all of these important points. And we harvest our grass at the optimum moment to ensure we create hay fit for your pet, year in, year out.

To encourage the best daily intake of food and the best welfare for your pet, the hay should look green, smell fragrant, be clean from harmful spores and be hard enough to wear the teeth by just the right amount. 

We don’t make your hay the traditional way

Hay is traditionally made and baled in the field. The grass is mown and then spread around the field to dry out (a process called “tedding”). It is turned and dried until it reaches the magic 12% moisture content; the intrinsic moisture that will stay inside the hay after leaving the field.  If it is removed from the field wetter than this, moulds will breed inside the hay. And if it is much too wet, it will spontaneously combust, burning fiercely.  If the hay leaves the field too dry, it will break up and create a dusty, short-strawed product that will be unpalatable to animals and contain little nutritional value.

Whatever the weather (and resultant moisture), the hay is traditionally baled directly in the field into compact, tied bundles and taken to a barn for storage and onward sale.

This whole process can take between four and six days, depending on the weather.  And if it rains during the process, not only will the moisture content be higher, but the sugars and colours leach out of the grass resulting in a brown, dusty final product.

Our process is different

We mow the hay and ted it just like the traditional method. But instead of baling it in the field (open to the elements), we collect it loose within 24 hours of being cut and take it to our specially designed barn to finish the process under controlled, weather-proof conditions. Here it is much easier to achieve the magic 12% moisture content consistently. When we’re sure it’s ready, we take it out of the barn and bale it into the 1kg or 2kg packs to send to you.

The hay you receive is green, fragrant, nutritious, balanced in minerals, and free of harmful spores.  The perfect hay for your pets, year in – year out.