We produce Premium, barn-dried hay for you year in, year out

  • Alexander - Owner

    Alexander has owned the farm for over a decade now originally running it as an arable farm. With arable farming becoming increasingly uneconomical, Alexander made the decision to transition the farm into grassland for hay production in 2021 and shortly after Little Hay Co's website was launched!

    Alexander lives on the farm with his wife, Sophie and dog, Mango. He has two grown up children, Molly and Geordie.

  • Maisie - Office Manager

    I have worked for Alexander before at Agrivert. I joined the Little Hay Co in 2022 when Alexander called me with a new job opportunity. I have never looked back and love that i wear so many hats here and no two days are the same on the farm!

    Away from the farm I am mum to Isla, Roman and Ronnie. I also have three fur babies, Darwin our cat and Chocolate & Gingernut the Little Hay Co Guinea pigs! I love to ski and was lucky enough to get married in Austria and ski in my wedding dress!

  • Leigh - Production Manager

    Leigh has worked on the farm since 2018 and has worked as a contractor for Alexander long before that so he has been around to see all the full development of the business. Leigh manages every aspect of the hay process, from choosing the seeds, preparing the ground and maintaining the crop through the seasons. Leigh also manages all of the horse hay sales and runs the pet baler.

    Leigh would be on the farm 24 hours a day if given the chance. He is often found here on a weekend pottering about doing this and that with his son Jay, who has his eyes on a farming career himself and loves nothing more than a ride in one of the Fendt tractors!

  • Charlie - Marketing Manager

    I have worked at Little Hay Co from the very early days! Back when we were learning a lot about grass drying and all things small pet! I am responsible for most things creative at LHC from photography to packaging design and running the social media channels, my job is lovingly known as 'crayons' to the boys.

    When I'm not at work you'll usually find me outside getting lost around the Cotswold's either out exploring with my horse, Lady or my terrier, Lexi.

  • Sam - Assistant Production Manager

    Sam joined the team in 2021 and works closely with Leigh on every aspect of hay production at Little Hay Co. Sam comes from a farming background so when he isn't farming the Little Hay Co land he can be found on his family farm lending a hand there!

    Sam lives on site with his girlfriend Lauren and their dogs Rolo and Flo.

High-quality, Barn dried, delicious Hay for your small pets

We grow specially selected grass species to ensure that we can meet all of these important points. And we harvest our grass at the optimum moment to ensure we create hay fit for your pet, year in, year out.

To encourage the best daily intake of food and the best welfare for your pet, the hay should look green, smell fragrant, be clean from harmful spores and be hard enough to wear the teeth by just the right amount. 

We don’t make your hay the traditional way

We make Premium barn-dried hay!

Hay is traditionally made and baled in the field. The grass is mown and then spread around the field to dry out (a process called “tedding”). It is turned and dried until it reaches the magic 12% moisture content; the intrinsic moisture that will stay inside the hay after it is baled in the field. Once the hay is cut, the farmer is at the merchy of the weather!

Barn drying hay means we have more control! When we see a break in the weather, we can mow our hay and ted it, ready for loose collection just 24 hours after mowing. This quicker process means we don't need a big window of opportunity as our hay is coming inside to dry in a controlled environment.

The traditional process can take between four and six days, depending on the weather.  And if it rains during the process, the moisture content is higher and sugars leach from the hay creating a dusty, brown hay.

Our barn allows the hay to dry in around 48-72 hours. Drying hay indoors means it is free from mould spores and keeps it fresh & green!

Our process is different

We mow the hay and ted it just like the traditional method. But instead of baling it in the field (open to the elements), we collect it loose within 24 hours of being cut and take it to our specially designed barn to finish the process under controlled, weather-proof conditions.

Here it is much easier to achieve the magic 12% moisture content consistently.

The hay you receive is green, fragrant, nutritious, balanced in minerals, and free of harmful spores and dust.

The perfect hay for your pets, year in – year out!