Guinea Pig Hay

Much-loved by guinea pigs, our hay is bursting with good nutrients that
perfectly satisfy their dietary needs and natural foraging behaviours.

Irresistible Guinea Pig hay from the heart of the Cotswolds

Guinea pigs love nothing more than rich, fragrant, delicious green hay – and as a huge part of their essential nutrition, our range of exceptional hays is the ideal way to keep your guinea pig healthy, happy, and excited for every meal.

Fresh hay created with farming expertise and innovative production techniques offers the best balance of taste and minerals, with natural content and fibres for guinea pigs of all ages.

Guinea Pig Hay FAQs

  • How much hay should I feed my guinea pig?

    • The general rule is to feed your Guinea pig the same volume of hay as their furry bodies as a minimum! The great thing about Guinea pigs and hay is you cannot overfeed them, always ensure your pigs have access to fresh green hay throughout the day and night to maintain a healthy gut and good dental health.

  • What else should I feed my guinea pig as well as hay?

    • Guinea pigs like treats, but this should be no more than 5% of their diet.  Without this balance of 5% treats, 10% veggies and 85% hay; dental and digestive problems can occur. 

      We stock a number of treats and forages to add to your pigs daily diet. From ChewyChews UK homemade cookies to boxes of Flaked peas we have everything your pig needs for a healthy balanced diet. If you notice any worrying symptoms, please consult your vet.

  • What are the key benefits of high quality hay for my guinea pig?

    • If your Guinea pig doesn't eat enough hay, it's teeth and digestive system will suffer.  As rabbit are notoriously selective (even fussy!) it's ideal to offer them a variety of premium quality hay to encourage a regulated and balanced daily consumption.

      We want your Guinea pig to be excited to see our hay each day so we offer lots of choice to help keep them munching!

      We also have a selection of Forage boxes which are great to encourage their natural instincts and get them digging for their favourite treats and hay strands.

How We Produce the Finest Natural Hay for Guinea Pigs

Conventionally produced hay lacks many vital properties that guinea pigs would gain from foraging – and can comprise as much as 90% of their diet. Field-dried hay is prone to mould, spores and damp and can vary significantly in quality and flavour.

The Little Hay Co. has created a dynamic production technique based on the latest in farming science, using a custom-built barn drying process that ensures consistently superior quality every month of the year.

We are proud to offer the perfect 12% moisture content across every bale, and every taster pack, with a range of natural hay and grass flavours to ensure your guinea pig has all those important minerals without the risk of dust and dampness.