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Fruit & Fibre Box

Fruit & Fibre Box

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The Fruit & Fibre Box provides your pet with a delicious and nutritious snack. Each box contains your favourite hay, along with a topping of our five-a-day fruit mix. This mix includes banana chips, flaked peas, apple slices, carrot slices, and strawberry slices. To top it off, a handful of applewood sticks and a ChewyChewsUK Little Hay Co Cookie helps encourage natural foraging instincts. Treat your pet with this healthy and tasty snack today.


Ingredients: Hay of choice, Banana chips, Apple, Carrot and Strawberry slices and flaked peas. Finished with applewood sticks and Chewy Chews UK spinach based Little Hay Co Cookies. 

Delivery cost is from £4.99 and delivery is by DPD.

Please note when ordering a 5kg or 10kg eco box please ensure you have a dry, safe place if you are not able to be home for your delivery. Not going to be in? Order our new dust extracted bales as a weather safe option!

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