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The Ultimate Bale Box

The Ultimate Bale Box

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The Ultimate bale box bundle allows you to order 16 kilos of hay all packed in one of our 10 Kg boxes from just £40.00. You can choose from 6 different bale types, mixing and matching up to two varieties in your box. 

Small animals should eat a diet made up of roughly 85% hay so mixing and matching hay variety and flavours keeps your furry friend interested in their hay.

Our new botanical hay bales also help encourage even the fussiest hay eater by introducing aroma's and flavours to the hay allowing your pet to use their natural instincts to forage and play in the hay. 

Prices will vary with your selection

£40.00 = 4 x Standard 4Kg bales 

£45.00 = 2 x Standard 4Kg bales, 2 x Botanical bales 

£55.00 = 4 x 4Kg Botanical bales 


Delivery cost is from £4.99 and delivery is by DPD.

Please note when ordering a 5kg or 10kg eco box please ensure you have a dry, safe place if you are not able to be home for your delivery. Not going to be in? Order our new dust extracted bales as a weather safe option!

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