Mice Hay

Irresistible hay for Mice from the heart of the Cotswolds

Cotswold hay is an excellent choice for mice and other small species, with a fragrant, green, fresh scent and flavour to keep rodents happy and healthy as they gnaw, chew and burrow.

Mixing hay variants is ideal for mice, as curious creatures that love to sample new tastes, and our ultra-premium barn-dried hay is the best possible product for clean, dust-free edible hay, warm nesting materials and British-farmed bedding that is produced to eliminate harmful mould and spores.

Mice Hay FAQs

  • How much hay should I feed my mice?

    • The general rule is to feed your mice the same volume of hay as their furry bodies are - but as always do consult your vet if you have detailed questions on your individual pet.

  • What else should I feed my mice as well as hay?

    • Mice like treats, but this should be no more than 15% of their diet.  Without this balance of 15% treats to 85% hay dental and digestive problems can occur.  If you notice any worrying symptoms, please consult your vet.

  • What are the key benefits of high quality hay for my mice?

    • If you cannot feed enough hay to your mice, its teeth and digestive system will suffer.  As mice are notoriously selective (even fussy!) it's ideal to offer them the best choice you can to encourage a regulated and balanced daily consumption of their own volition.  We want your mice to be excited to see our hay each day!

How We Produce Exceptional Quality Hay for Rodents

The Little Hay Co. has spent years perfecting our hay production techniques, combining traditional farming know-how with European-inspired hay drying methods, which retain that magic 12% moisture content while banishing damp, mould, and dust you'll find in most conventionally manufactured animal feed.

Our hay is natural, green, and fresh, bursting with texture and sweetness, and packed with all those essential nutrients, minerals and high-protein foliage that mimic natural foraging conditions for mice and all similar species.

We have developed a process of collecting all farm-fresh hay within 24 hours of cutting, ensuring each bale is dried in weatherproof conditions for optimal nutrition, comfort, and natural quality – and your mice will certainly know the difference!