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We have used up all of our Silky Soft stocks and while we are in the middle of a successful harvest, we know we have a long time to wait for Silky Soft to be back in stock. So we wanted to help customers find an alternative... so which products would we recommend? 

Firstly - When do we think Silky Soft will be back? 

We hope to have Silky Soft back in stock in Autumn time, if the english weather allows! Our Silky Soft hay is a second cut of one of our Meadow Fields. It is the perfect combination of soft timothy. rye and fescue but it is cut in autumn time after around 10-12 weeks of regrowth after the first cut. For this to work, we need to have a good mix of sun and rain to encourage the grass to grow again and all us to get a second cut. 

What are the Alternatives and How Do they stack up to Silky Soft?


Crunch Factor - Cotswold Sweet would be the closest crunch factor. It is softer than Timothy and Meadow hays however it is still thicker and coarser than the Silky Soft. We don't see Cotswold Sweet causing the same hay poke worries that Timothy & Meadow does. Also great for a fussy pet, it seems to pass the taste test everytime!


Variety - Meadow is the closest match in terms of hay variety - mainly because they are cut from the same fields! Silky Soft is a second cut of our Meadow fields so if you want to encourage natural behaviours and foraging instincts we would opt for this hay. Both hays are made up of a blend of Timothy, Fescue & Rye Grasses giving a great source of variety in just one package!


Balanced Nutrition - A good all rounder. Cut this year so beautifully fresh & full of seed heads, with full stems so full of crunch! Timothy ticks all the boxes for nutrition and freshness however if your pet is a little fussy we often find they will visit the hay pile more if it is filled with Cotswold Sweet or Oat Hay. 


Best Nutritional Match - Our Oat Hay is the closest nutritional match to our Silky Soft hay. We wouldn't recommend this as a straight swap as it doesn't have the stem length to get the back molars working to keep teeth maintenance in check. Oat hay would pair well with our Timothy hay to give good nutritional balance as well as flavour and variety for your pet. 


A full nutritional comparison is shown below, with closest nutritional matches shown below. 


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