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Rabbit Hay at Premium Quality Helps Make Happy Bunnies

Irresistible rabbit hay from the heart of the Cotswolds

No matter the weather or the time of year, our premium rabbit hay is as good today as it was when harvested. All thanks to our unique weather-proofed harvesting process.

Premium rabbit hay

We offer a range of irresistible rabbit hay that your bunny will adore. Our rabbit feed is full of flavour, smells amazing and offers all the nutrition your bunny needs as part of a balanced diet.


Save money, save time and never have a hungry bunny again.

Our “Family farm to your door subscription service” can be set up for monthly or fortnightly deliveries. All our packaging is eco-friendly and plastic free.

What is the best hay for rabbits?

There are a wide range of hay types available for rabbits, we offer ten ourselves, so the choice can be overwhelming. Rabbits come in all shapes and sizes and what hay one rabbit may enjoy can differ from another.

At the Little Hay Co. we pride ourselves on making the best premium hay for rabbits, so that whichever one your rabbit prefers, it offers them the best in nutrition value and is always delicious. Our most popular rabbit feed is Timothy Hay and is a great hay to try on your rabbit first.

My rabbit won’t eat hay

Rabbits can be fussy eaters which is why there are so many varieties of rabbit hay to choose from. Your bunny may love Timothy Hay for years and then suddenly go off it for no reason at all. If your rabbit won’t eat hay, maybe you have not found a type of hay they enjoy yet or are not using a quality supplier. We pride ourselves on how many reviews we get from the owners of fussy bunnies who found our hay to be the only one their bunny will eat and enjoy.

To help you with your fussy bunny, we offer a taster box, so that you can try out different types of our rabbit hay and find one (probably more) they do enjoy.

Our Hay

How much hay should a rabbit eat?

We recommend giving your bunny the same amount of hay as their size each day. As they get bigger, they will need more hay, so just keep matching their size to the ball of hay you provide each day.

Timothy Hay

Our most popular rabbit hay and for good reason. Timothy Hay can be a first cut, second cut or third cut. Learn all about Timothy Hay.

Rye Grass Hay

Rye Grass Hay has long coarse strands, is green in colour, fragrant and high in protein. This makes it an excellent choice for benefitting teeth health and general wellbeing. 

Treats for rabbits

Every bunny deserves a treat now and again. Learn all about the best treats to offer your bunny and keep them healthy.

Baby Rabbit Diet

Baby rabbits need a diet rich in protein and calcium to help them grow into healthy adults. Alfalfa hay is perfect for baby rabbits but should not be given to adult bunnies. Learn more about how to look after your baby rabbit.

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