collection faq

  • Which animals is Little Hay Co hay suitable for?

    • Little Hay Co hay is suitable for all hay consuming pets such as Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Degus & Chinchillas.  We offer a range of high quality hays in our online shop and describe in detail the types and qualities under each product.

  • What makes Little Hay Co hay different?

    • Regular hay is made outside in the field which risks getting rained on to greatly reduce quality, staying near soil after harvest for too long and being infected by spores and getting bleached in the sun.  At The Little Hay Co we cut the grass conventionally and leave it in the sun for 24 hours - but then we pick it up loose and dry it with dehumidified air in our specially built hay drying barn prior to packaging it up for you.  If you purchase our Timothy, Cotswold Sweet or Silky Soft hay the difference in quality from most other hays is clear to see - and all grown, made and packaged on our farm in the Cotswolds, UK.

      Our Meadow hay is still a great quality hay however this has been harvested and dried in the traditional way.

  • What’s the largest pack size you sell?

    • The largest pack size we sell is a 10kg Box which is also our best value product alongside our 4Kg dust extracted and compressed bales.

  • What are the different cuts of hay you sell?

    • At the moment we only offer 1st cut but we do have different grass varieties and these encompass differing textures, grasses and hardness. Please visit our online shop to see more.

  • Why do you use different grasses?

    • In nature your pet species would naturally graze throughout the four seasons, during which grasses taste different and have different textures.  This variety is what we replicate for you, but try to offer your pet the Spring to Autumn choice as Winter grasses are not always very appetising.

      When a pet needs to make up a large proportion of their diet with hay, it is important to keep them interested, which is why we suggest feeding them a couple of different hay varieties. We also offer bales with forage mixed through to keep those furry friends eating their hay and helping them use their natural instincts for forage.

  • Why do you grow different grasses?

    • We grow different grasses to suit your pet’s needs but also due to different species ripening at different times, it also extends our harvest window as we endeavour to make enough to keep you stocked up all year round.

      No two pets are the same and so have a collection with variety allows us to ensure we can find a hay that suits almost every pet.

  • How do you control and ensure the quality at Little Hay Co throughout the year?

    • We tend our pastures very carefully throughout the year to ensure that they are in tip top condition when it comes to harvest.  By use of the hay drying barn we then preserve this quality, even in the most British of summers!  We make enough stock to store over the winter to provide you wherever possible a steady supply.  In Spring we start our harvest all over again to bring you a fresh supply.

  • Which type of hay should I buy?

    • Timothy Hay is quite a hard hay with deliciously large seed heads.  It is good for nutrition and dental care.

      Cotswold Sweet Hay is not quite so hard as Timothy but slightly more nutritious.

      Silky Soft Hay is very, very palatable but offers less wear on the teeth - great to build condition, great to burrow in and great to hide and sleep in.  This is often the most sought after hay.

      Meadow Hay is made entirely in the field - it is lower cost but offers plenty of nutritional/dental benefits.  It is a very good value and more akin to a “normal” pet hay. This hay is a lovely blend of Timothy, fescue and rye, it is more golden in colour but still great for both eating and bedding. We recommend this for rabbits rather than guinea pigs.

      Canadian Timothy Hay has been imported from Canada. This hay is beautiful green and sweet smelling. And only available in Spring and early Summer.

  • How much hay should I feed my pet?

    • The general rule is to feed your pet the same volume of hay as their furry bodies are - but as always do consult your vet if you have detailed questions on your individual pet.

  • What else should I feed my pet as well as hay?

    • Pets like treats, but this should be no more than 15% of their diet.  Without this balance of 15% treats to 85% hay dental and digestive problems can occur.  If you notice any worrying symptoms, please consult your vet.

  • What are the key benefits of high quality hay for my pet?

    • If you cannot feed enough hay to your pet, its teeth and digestive system will suffer.  As pets are notoriously selective (even fussy!) it's ideal to offer them the best choice you can to encourage a regulated and balanced daily consumption of their own volition.  We want your pet to be excited to see our hay each day!

  • How long will it take for my order to arrive?

    • Orders placed before 1pm weekdays will be sent for next day delivery, excluding bank holidays and weekends.

  • Which carrier will deliver my order?

    • DPD are our chosen carrier

  • My order has arrived damaged, who should I contact?

  • What is your refund & exchange policy?

    • We welcome your feedback and are happy to provide a no quibble replacement if there is dissatisfaction. If we cannot correct an issue, of course we will refund you.  This works for only one incident a year - more than that and we will arrange with you a collection of the product to provide both parties with a better understanding.

      If your question isn’t answered above, please email our team and we will be happy to help:

  • Which Hay would you recommend for a Rabbit?

    • For rabbits we recommend feeding them a ix of our Timothy and cotswold sweet hays. Both hays have good nutritional values as well as being fragrant and long in stem so perfect for keeping teeth in tip top condition. We know both of these hays are firm favourites with our rabbit reps!

  • Which Hay do you recommend for Guinea pigs?

    • We recommend our Cotswold sweet and silky soft hays for Guinea pigs. Both hays are lovely and green and are slightly softer than our Timothy hay which reduces the eye poke worries for pet parents too. Both hays smell delicious, have lovely long strands and can be enjoyed for a healthy meal as well as for bedding and play.

  • What hay should i order if i have allergies?

    • If you or your pet hay allergies or any respiratory issues we highly recommend ordering hay in our bale formats. These bales contact the same quality hay as our loose boxes but have also been dust extracted through our baling machine. This has helped many of our customers who have hay fever or asthma when feeding or cleaning out their pets.

      Out of all of our hays our cotswold sweet is the least dusty hay. The timothy hay has large seed heads which are known to affect people with both asthma and hay fever.