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Two rabbits on the Little Hay Co Farm

On our farm in the Cotswolds, we have two very special rabbits – Timothy and Rye. Timothy and Rye are beautiful white and brown rex lop rabbits. This means that they have incredibly soft fur. They are curious and friendly, hopping around our farm and office, inspiring us to continue producing the best quality hay we can.

A rabbit’s diet should be around 85% hay to help control their constantly growing teeth (their front teeth can grow up to 12cm in one year) and keep their tummy healthy. With it being so much of their diet, it’s really important to us that it’s as yummy and nutritious as possible. To help us achieve this, Timothy and Rye help us to inspect and test our hay, tasting every batch.

Timothy is slightly lighter in colour than Rye and particularly curious. He loves to explore outside before hopping back to his hutch. This is why he loves our fragrant and delicious Timothy Hay.

Rye is a darker brown rabbit. He is dependable and delicious just like our Rye Grass Hay. 

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