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Here at our farm in the Cotswolds, it’s very important to us to work in a way that is environmentally sustainable and respects the biodiversity of the land. We rely on a healthy climate and well maintained soils in order to grow our grass to produce premium hay for your pets. We do this because we deeply care about our pets and their health and part of that is caring for the environment too! 

Here are some things we did in 2021 that benefit the environment: 

In October, the hay making process is finished for 2021, but we must start preparing for 2022 and the years to come after that. Part of this is sowing the seeds for next year. Our seed drill is specially designed to minimise soil movement, preserving soil carbon and nitrogen, but most importantly preserving soil structure. This is important as it limits the degradation and irreversible damage to soil which is a priceless and non-renewable resource. It has been widely reported that some farms may only have 50 harvests left if there is the continued soil decay in industrial agricultural systems. This process also stimulates the worms to start deeply cultivating the soil, concentrating the organic and mineral constituents into a nutrient-rich, readily available form.

In November, we trim the hedges around the farm. We rotate the hedge trimming on a 3 year cycle, so that the birds and other wildlife still have plenty of feed.  Hedges should grow larger by 5-10cm each year to provide the best cover and habitat for wildlife. We also have wild bird seed strips of crops to sustain the birds over the “hungry gap” and increase biodiversity. 

We package our 1&2 kg boxes of  hay in 100% recyclable boxes, reducing the amount of plastic that we use. 

If you are interested in finding out more about our products, please visit our online hay shop or read our FAQ.

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