Tortoise Hay

Irresistible Tortoise hay from the heart of the Cotswolds

Tortoises rely on high-fibre, quality hay to provide up to 85% of their nutritional needs – and naturally farmed, barn-dried premium hay is the best option for a balanced, healthy, and mineral-packed diet.

Our ranges of sweet, green, and fragrant hays provide exceptional dietary support with a perfect mixture of moisture, texture, and taste.

Tortoise Hay FAQs

Our Premium Feeding Hay Production Methods

The Little Hay Co. uses a carefully controlled farming and drying method to retain superb quality throughout every batch and every bale, with a special technique to prevent our hay from being exposed to excess dampness that can lead to mould and spores.

Barn drying also eliminates dust, ensuring that your tortoise gets the optimal nutritional content for their health without the dry and dusty particles at the bottom of the bale. Green hay is enriched with countless minerals and beneficial fibres, and we are delighted to maintain unparalleled quality standards every month of the year.

Our hay is collected within 24 hours of cutting and is baled in weatherproof conditions to capture the ideal 12% moisture content without losing any of the organic compounds that are so important to countless small pet species.