Chicken Hay

The best premium Chicken Hay

Rich, green hay is ideal for chickens to nibble and nest, packed with fragrant fibres, natural minerals, and the important digestive nutrition poultry find when they are foraging.

Our broad range of exceptional quality hay flavours is perfect for chicken coops, with zero dust, spores, or mould, providing a blend of high protein, grass textures and a metabolism-friendly food that can supplement chicken feed over the winter when live grass is scarce.

Chicken Hay FAQs

  • Do chickens eat hay?

    • Not really! They don't need hay as part of a healthy balanced diet. Their diet should consist of a mix of seeds, insects, plants an d bugs.

      Chickens can occasionally eat hay but it isn't part of their natural diet.

  • What is needed in a nest box?

Our Unique Production Techniques for Outstanding Feeding Hay

The Little Hay Co. are specialists in small animal hay, producing a number of fantastic hays and tasting samples for chickens to peck and pluck at, encouraging healthy instincts and as a great way to enhance the quality of their nutritional intake.

Conventionally farmed hays are often dry and dusty, with pets eating less than the recommended daily volume of fibrous materials vital for a healthy digestive system and strong beaks.

We use a barn-drying technique inspired by the latest European farming methodology, using weather-controlled conditions to guarantee every bale is made to our exacting quality standards, with the optimal 12% moisture content, but without the potential for mould or spores.

Chickens thrive with a varied, mentally stimulating diet and use hay both as a foodstuff and nesting material.