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Hay might look boring to humans but for rabbits, it’s their main dish of the day. Fresh grass or other treats are preferable too, but hay is a very good substitute and is available all year round here at The Little Hay Co. Rabbits need hay to be around 80-90% of their diet. It keeps them healthy and helps them function in a number of ways.

Unlimited, good-quality hay is the foundation of a healthy diet for pet rabbits. As well as providing nutrients to your rabbit, hay has many other benefits;

  • Hay keeps the gut moving
    The Little Hay Co Hay is made up of coarse long fibres that help the muscles of the bunny’s gut stay strong. A rabbit’s complex digestive system means they need to constantly snack on hay throughout the day to keep things moving inside. This can also help to prevent blockages. Blockages can often be fatal. If a rabbit doesn’t eat enough hay, then this can slow down the rabbit’s intestinal functions and cause serious problems such as conditions like GI Stasis.
  • Chewing hay grinds their ever-growing teeth down to a safe level
    Rabbits’ teeth continually grow throughout their lives unlike humans, including all of their back ones. If these aren’t kept in check by wearing them down on coarse hay, they can grow out of control and cause pain and abscesses. Rabbits’ teeth are fast growing as they can grow 12cm a year! As well as pain and discomfort in the month, rabbits’ teeth can cause eye problems. Other kinds of rabbit foods such as flakes or hard pellets do not wear the teeth down like the side-to-side jaw-action used when eating hay. We recommend Little Hay Co Timothy, Meadow or Cotswold Sweet for their lovely long steams and coarseness for great teeth wearing qualities!
  • Keeps bunnies busy rearranging it, searching, and maintaining a healthy mind
    Having access to hay is a great way for rabbits to express their natural behaviours. Rabbits, in general, are very curious animals and it is important for them to maintain natural behaviours. In the wild, rabbits are natural foragers and by hiding toys or treats in the hay to allow your rabbit to forage for food is a great way to keep their minds ticking. We have a selection of  Bored rabbits can become depressed, irritable, and anxious.

What to look for when buying hay

Good quality hay should be dry, sweet-smelling, and free from dust and mould. There is a wide variety of hay available on the high street and online. Here at The Little Hay Co, we offer all kinds of products to ensure your rabbit is content. All our hay is spore-free, dry, and fragrant