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The Lionhead rabbit has a wool mane encircling the head, reminiscent of a male lion as its name implies. Other Lionhead characteristics include a high head mount, compact upright body type and short well-furred ears. Lionhead rabbits stretch around 8 to 10 inches long and are typically quite small, reaching an average weight of 1.5kg at adulthood.
Typically, the mane is thick, woolly and soft with evident "crimping". Depending on the number of genes a Lionhead gets from each parent, it can have a double mane (two mane genes) or a single mane (one mane gene). A double mane Lionhead will have a noticeable V form around their skirt/flanks, while a single mane will look like a common rabbit directly after birth. Past then, many factors contribute to how much mane each individual actually ends up having including chewing on the mane by themselves or others and matts.
🐰 Single maned 🐰
Single mane Lionhead rabbits only have one copy of the mane gene. These Lionheads typically do not hold a mane for their entire lifetime, if it develops at all. They have a mane that can be around its head, ears, chin and sometimes on the chest and rump. The mane may be wispy and thin and may disappear on some rabbits altogether as they mature.
🐰 Double maned 🐰
When a lionhead rabbit is a double mane he has two genes that produces their mane. Double mane lionhead rabbits have also a regular mane of wool around their head. However, in contrast with single mane lionheads the mane covers the head a lot more and they have also have wool on their skirts, also referred to as their flanks. This mane type is by far the most popular, this is partly due to the fact that their mane won’t diminish.
Lionhead rabbits are generally smart, good-natured, and energetic. They love to play and socialize. And many form close bonds with their humans and enjoy cuddling and petting.
Although the lionhead rabbit is small, they are still an active breed that needs plenty of space to burn off energy.
🐰 Common Health Problems 🐰
Like all pet rabbits, lionheads are prone to some common health issues, including:
🐇Dental problems, such as overgrown and crowded teeth.
🐇Digestive problems, Lionheads are susceptible to wool block. The wool block is a buildup and eventual blockage of fur in the intestinal tract.
🐇Eye issues, such as ulcers.
🐇Respiratory infections.
🐇Skin issues, such as mites and fleas.
🐰 Grooming 🐰
Lionheads long fur will require a bit of extra care and daily checks for mats, tangles and knots. Use a shedding brush to give your lionhead a complete brush-out once a week. Lionheads have roughly 2 inches of fur around their neck with a slightly shorter coat overall. It’s a soft, thick coat that needs regular as too much ingested fur can cause hairballs that might block a rabbit's digestive system.
Lionheads come in a variety of colours:
Blog written by Lisa Bevan, Admin & Moderator of The Bunny Corner Facebook Group