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Fun Facts About Rabbits

Everyone knows how cute rabbits are. They are fluffy, friendly, pretty and hop around so much that you can’t stop watching them. There are a variety of breeds to choose from too.

So, let’s look at some of the cool things’ bunnies do and find out some fun facts about your bunny.

Looking for a great bunny name

How about naming your bunny Warren? In the wild bunnies live in warrens which are a series of tunnels they dig underground with separate rooms. Sounds almost hotel-like.

What is a baby rabbit called?

Baby rabbits are called kits, just like cats. Helpfully, the adult female is called a doe and the adult male a buck, just like deer. Perhaps that’s why bunny became a popular term for rabbits.

What do rabbits do when they are happy?

You’ll know your rabbit is happy when they perform the binky. This is a flying leap, twisting and kicking in mid-air. A jump for joy.

Breed like rabbits

Rabbit family - Rabbits breed fast

Rabbits are known as fast breeders. They have to be in the wild as they are prey. They can produce several offspring very quickly. This term is referenced in a playful way when humans rapidly build their families.

How long do rabbits live?

Rabbits can live between 5-10 years. The oldest known rabbit lived to the ripe old age of 17, no doubt a very grey bunny by this time.

How long are rabbit’s teeth?

Rabbits teeth never stop growing, so they could become very long. The food rabbits eat helps wear down their teeth and keep them at a manageable length. This is why the quality hay at The Little Hay Co. is so important to a bunny’s health.

Rabbits eat their poo

Yes, you read that right! There is a good reason for this. Rabbits will go to the loo often during the day and these rabbit droppings are not what they eat. At night they produce a different type of poo called cecotropes. These are softer and stickier, full of the additional nutrients, protein and vitamins that were not digested the first time around. Don’t worry, it’s unlikely you will ever see your rabbit doing this, as it's usually late at night.

How long or high can a rabbit jump?

Rabbits are incredibly athletic. In the wild, rabbits use their speed and jumping ability to avoid predators. Domesticated rabbits have competitions you can enter if you feel your bunny is especially talented. The world record for the longest measured jump by a bunny is 3 metres. The highest a bunny has jumped is 99cm. So, if you want to keep goodies out of their reach, you know where to put them.

Do rabbits eat carrots?

According to every cartoon you have ever seen, rabbits will scoff down carrots and nothing else. Carrot is not their natural food. It's high in sugar, so should only be given in moderation. 

Rabbits ears are more than just adorable

Everyone loves rabbit’s ears, but did you know they have more uses than just for hearing or looking super cute? Rabbits use their ears to get rid of excess heat and regulate body temperature. Softly feeling their ears is a good health check of your rabbit. Any excuse is a good one.

Can rabbits be friends with other rabbits?

European rabbits are quite social. Many other rabbit species will live solitary lives. Domestic rabbits benefit from social interaction to reduce stress, for companionship, grooming, playing and much more. Domestic rabbits prefer not to be alone.

How much can a rabbit see?

Rabbits eyes are on the side of its face. This allows it to see the complete 360-degree landscape around it, helping to spot predators and danger before it is too late. With their eyes on the sides of their face, their only blind spot is right under their nose.

Do rabbits purr?

Maybe this is why baby rabbits are called kits, as when relaxed and happy, rabbits will purr just like a cat.

Are rabbits smart?

Rabbits are intelligent creatures. It is even possible to train them. They can recognise their name and come to you when called. They also have an excellent memory. Rabbit intelligence is on a par with cats and dogs, so they’ll know how to get what they want and manipulate you just as easily.

Rabbit honking

If you start to hear grunting and honking, then it’s likely that the mating ritual has begun. However, if your pet has been neutered, then their honking is likely excitement about something. Maybe they can see you coming with their favourite treat or want your attention.

How fast is a rabbit?

Put Usain Bolt down next to a rabbit and the rabbit will smoke him. Usain Bolt ran at a top speed of 27.78 mph when breaking the world record. A rabbit can run at 35 mph.

What is the difference between a rabbit and a bunny?

Essentially nothing as they are the same thing. Rabbit is the correct term and bunny is a term of endearment. Many kids will call rabbits bunnies, the word bunny is often used when you see baby rabbits, as they are so damn cute.

The biggest rabbits

If you want a big rabbit, then look no further than the Flemish Giant. These can sometimes weigh over 9kg and are the largest rabbit breed in the world. A bunny named Ralph is the current world record holder for the largest rabbit. He has an official weight of a whopping 25kg, his breed is Continental Giant, so he is a pretty rare beast indeed.

Famous rabbits

Rabbits are so cute, so there are a lot of famous creations in art and literature. Ask just about anyone and they’ll say Bugs Bunny is the most famous rabbit. But there is also Jessica Rabbit, the rabbits of Watership Down and Peter Rabbit, whose recent film franchise has no doubt boosted rabbit ownership even further.