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Rabbit and Guinea Pig Cage Mates: A Cautionary Tale


Contrary to popular opinion, rabbits and guinea pigs do not make ideal cage mates. While some pairs may appear to get along, many end in disaster, often resulting in injuries to one or both animals.

Why is it too risky to house rabbits and guinea pigs together?

Rabbits & Guinea Pigs have many similarities which is why people often think they make great bunk buddies however it just isn't the case! Rabbits and Guinea pigs speak different languages - think venus and mars! They should be kept separately to ensure no injury comes to either pet. Both need companionship from a same species furry friend. See your blogs on Rabbit Bonding and Guinea Pig bonding for help and advice!

Both Guinea pigs and rabbits are herbivores but what is a safe food for one may not be safe for the other. It is essential to take care with their diet; guinea pigs require daily vitamin C, while rabbits do not, Guinea pigs also struggle to process and digest calcium which can affect the hay they can eat and the treats they can consume whereas rabbits don't tend to have the same issue. 

If you want a pair of animals stick to same species pets - two or more rabbits in a bonded pair or group or a herd of female guinea pigs with a neutered male or two neutered males are all good combinations.