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key indications that your rabbit may be unwell:
1. 🐰Appetite changes.
2.🐰Change of fecal output.
3.🐰Abnormal behaviour.
2. Changes in their poops 💩
Since our bunnies complex digestive system requires that they must eat frequently, it usually results in continuous poop 💩. Large, uniformly round poops equal a healthy rabbit. If your rabbit has irregularly shaped droppings or mushy poops, these are indications and can be a cause for concern with underlying health problems.
Rabbits have a unique digestive system that produces two types of feces – uniformly round poops and cecotropes. Cecotropes are droppings resembling a glossy 💩 grape-like cluster. They contain LOTS of beneficial bacteria and nutrients that weren’t absorbed during the first digestive cycle. Rabbits usually re-ingest cecotropes directly from their anuses, so you will rarely see them.
Fecal pellets (poops) are brown, uniformly round balls released after re-ingestion and processing of cecotropes. They are the normal rabbit feces you will see in their litter box and the random poops wherever they choose to “drop” them.
The shape, consistency, and quantity of fecal output can help you to assess your rabbit’s health so check their poops on a daily basis! 💩💩💩