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When it comes to pets, many people view them as adorable companions that bring joy and happiness into their lives. However, it's important to remember that pets are not just presents to be given and forgotten. Owning a pet is a long-term commitment that requires time, effort, and responsibility. In this blog post, we will explore why pets are not presents and why it's crucial to understand the commitment involved in pet ownership.

Why pets shouldn't be gifted as presents?

Pets are not presents because they are living beings that require care, attention, and love. Unlike a material gift that can be easily discarded or replaced, pets are living creatures that form emotional bonds with their owners. They have their own needs, feelings, and personalities that must be respected and nurtured.

Pets are a commitment

Owning a pet is a significant commitment that should not be taken lightly. Depending on the species, pets can live for many years. For example, dogs have an average lifespan of 10 to 15 years, while cats can live for 15 to 20 years and a well looked after rabbit of Guinea pig can live between 6-12 years. This means that when you bring a pet into your home, you are committing to caring for them for their entire life.

Children lose interest

It's not uncommon for children to lose interest in their pets over time. What may initially seem like a fun and exciting idea can quickly become a burden for both the child and the pet. As a responsible adult, it's essential to consider the long-term implications of owning a pet and ensure that you are willing and able to provide the necessary care and attention, even if your child loses interest.

Rabbits and guinea pigs are exotic animals and need lots of care

Rabbits and guinea pigs are often seen as cute and cuddly pets, but they are also exotic animals that require specialized care. They have specific dietary needs, require regular exercise, and need a suitable living environment. It's important to research and understand the unique needs of these animals before bringing them into your home.

Even if you know an experienced pet owner and you think you could add to their fur family, this shouldn't be done as a present. The owner needs to be able to consider if they can afford an extra mouth to feed, vet bills and has enough room for another pet. Some may think an extra pet won't be a problem however, there is a lot of expense that comes with each pet and already having pets doesn't lessen that burden. If you have a friend who has pets, consider buying them something for their pet instead or a voucher to help towards their costs from their favourite pet retailer. 

No such thing as a "starter pet"

Some people believe that certain pets, such as fish, small rodents and often rabbits, are "starter pets" that can help teach children about responsibility. However, there is no such thing as a "starter pet." All pets require care, attention, and commitment, regardless of their size or species. It's crucial to choose a pet based on your ability to provide the necessary care, rather than viewing them as a stepping stone to a "real" pet. 

Many gifted pets, soon end up forgotten and either left in inadequate conditions or surrendered to rescues. Rescues in the UK are already overwhelmed with intakes so it is really important this festive season that pets are not gifted. 

Pets are not presents that can be given and forgotten. They are living beings that require a long-term commitment. It's important to understand the responsibilities and challenges of pet ownership before bringing a pet into your home. By doing so, you can ensure that you provide a loving and nurturing environment for your furry friend throughout their entire life.