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This years highlight for Rabbit Awareness Week is nutrition so throughout the week we will be covering a variety of topics relating to rabbit nutrition 

Over the week we will talk thought an ideal rabbit feeding pyramid from the most important aspect of a rabbits diet - hay! 

We frequently discuss the importance of hay in a rabbit's diet, but that doesn't deter us because it is such a huge part of their daily needs. 

Types of Hay for rabbits: 

Timothy - Timothy hay is widely regarded as one of the best types of hay for small pets due to its nutritional benefits and palatability.

Meadow - Meadow (Timothy Blend) is made up from a mixture of Timothy, Rye and Fescue grass. It's great for offering variety to your pet if your storage space is limited as you only need to have one box in storage. 

Rye (Cotswold Sweet) - Rye grass hay is typically high in fibre, similar to other grass hays, but it also has a higher protein content compared to some other grasses. This makes it a nutritious option for many animals.

Alfalfa - Alfalfa hay is highly valued in animal nutrition for its rich nutrient profile and palatability, but it needs to be used appropriately depending on the specific dietary needs of the animals being fed. Alfalfa is known for its high calcium content, making it particularly suited for young, growing, pregnant, or lactating animals.

Oat - Oat hay is a type of forage made from oat plants that have been harvested before the oats fully mature. Oat hay is valued for its palatability and balanced nutritional content.

Canadian Timothy - Canadian Timothy refers to Timothy hay that is specifically grown and harvested in Canada. The specific growing conditions in Canada contribute to the distinctive quality of this hay, making it a valuable feed option for various animals.

Why is it important to offer a variety of hay types? 

Different types of hay have varying levels of fibre, protein, and other nutrients. Providing a variety ensures that your rabbit gets a balanced diet and receives all the essential nutrients they need for good health.

Rabbits, like humans, can have preferences for certain textures or flavors of hay. Offering a variety allows you to discover what your rabbit enjoys most, which can encourage better hay consumption.A varied diet can promote better gut health and digestion in rabbits. It can also prevent dietary boredom, which may lead to selective eating habits if rabbits are only offered one type of hay.

Chewing hay helps wear down rabbits' continuously growing teeth. Different hay textures can provide varying degrees of abrasion, which is important for maintaining dental health.

When offering a variety of hay types, you can include options such as Timothy hay, Cotswold Sweet hay, meadow hay, and oat hay. It's essential to ensure that all hay offered is fresh, free from dust and mold, and stored properly to maintain its nutritional value. Gradually introduce new hay types to your rabbit's diet to allow them to adjust and monitor their preferences and health reactions.