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It's been a while since we have talked about our wonderful team of brand reps! They work so hard every week creating content and telling the world about their gorgeous pets as well as their experiences with The Little Hay Co. 

First up is @pansyted.pigs a herd of 5 piggies - Ned, Bertie, Dilbert, Bessie, Clarabelle. The crew love our Cotswold Sweet Hay and with 5 Guinea Pigs can get through a lot of it! 

Next up is Teddy - @4cats_andbun_uk who has been a big fan of our hay for a while now, Teddys mum won a bale of hay in a giveaway we did once and left us the most excited voicenote in our DM's and we just loved the fact that someone could be so passionate about our brand and what we do! 

Snoop & Missy - @somebunnyelsesguy 'husbun & bunwife' are a pair of free roaming house buns who have lived together since 2021. Apparently they love our hay almost as much as they love each other! Their favourites are Cotswold Sweet and Pure Timothy which has been   rumored to have bought golden poops to their litter trays! 

Paul & Lionel - @fransfloofs Huge fans of Silky Soft Hay and have been for some time now. If you follow them on social media you will quite often see them burying themselves into it! 

Thumper - @thebunthumper was one of our very first brand reps, Thumper has been a dedicated Little Hay Co taste tester from the start. Thumpers favourite hay is Cotswold Sweet. 

Gingernut & Chocolatte - @littlehayco our in house taste team who get first dibs on all LHC produce. They have helped us learn all things Guinea Pig to be able to offer the best advice to our customers. The Girls get a mixture of Cotswold Sweet and Silky Soft hay and they always come popcorning when i ts feeding time! 

Winnie & Luna - @chlos.piggies passionate about all things pink! These girls have just turned 1, Winnie is super sassy and Luna is a snuggle bug who loves to be the centre of attention. The absolutely love our pea flakes and they also get to feast on Silky Soft + Cotswold Sweet hay mixed together to add variety of flavours and textures to their diet. 

Last and by no means least we have Marley - @norman_reedus__bunnies Marley loves our Pure Timothy Hay as well as our Cotswold Sweet Hay and can quite often be found tucking into both! 

Please do give our reps a follow on Instagram, you will be able to find their discount codes on their posts and stories!