Pet Care & News

The OG’s

Posey and Clover are the LHC’s Original brand reps! Originally living on the farm with Alexander and Sophie, they have since been taken home with our Office Manager Maisie, to live with her family including; Husband Aaron and three children Isla, Roman & Ronnie. These are two spoilt piggies, loving all the attention that they get from three children, they enjoy a mixture of silky soft hay and Cotswold sweet and are partial to some veggies too. Posey and Clover are really excited to introduce their new paw pals to the Little Hay Co Team!

Go Wheek Family

We are the Go Wheek Family and are a large brood made up of 10 guinea pigs, 4 bunnies, a hamster and a dog… so it is a busy house full of hay loving experts! The guys are partial to mixing and matching so can be found chomping on Timothy, Silky and Cotswold sweet hays on any given day. Snowy the Rabbit is prone to hay-fever so dust free hay is just what she needs and Timothy is definitely a firm favourite. They are a social and friendly bunch and like to take it in turns to have their photos taken for the gram!


We have 6 guinea pigs Albert, Hubert, Dilbert, Clementine, Bessie-Boo & Clarabelle. They absolutely love the silky soft hay & Dilbert in particular can’t contain his excitable popcorns over the Cotswold sweet hay. Our Guinea pigs each have their own funny little characters and we love sharing them on Instagram.

Clover, Ivy & Teddie 

Hi, my name is Christina, I look after, Clover, Ivy and Teddie. Ivy and Clover are both Lionheads, 1 year old sisters from the same litter, being Lionheads they need a lot of grooming. Teddie is almost 2, he joined the family about a year ago and he is a grey mini lop. I have grown up with rabbits and often when people ask me about rabbits it’s like they have opened a can of worms - I can talk for hours on how clever they are and their welfare needs.


Thumper is a 4 year old adopted and indoor bunny who lives free roam with her hoomans in Essex. She loves doing zoomies in the garden, giving her hoomans kisses and loves watching a bit of telly in the evening. Thumper is also the biggest poser, she absolutely loves a photoshoot (only because she knows she gets a treat) 😂

Thumper has been loving the “cotswold sweet hay” since June from littlehayco and it has even given her golden poops!

Bailey Buttons 

Hi I’m Bailey, I’m a plush mini lop and my favourite hay is Cotswold Sweet hay! It was my brother’s favourite hay too, he went to bunny heaven in April 2022. I’m excited to be getting a new brother soon, I wonder what his favourite hay might be? 😊


Our piggies are Cinnamon, Nutmeg and Mr Juniper. They absolutely love meadow hay to burrow and play in whilst having a munch and some nice crunchy timothy to snack on throughout the day!


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