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Little Hay Co want every pet to live in a safe, loving home. Every year more and more rabbits and guinea pigs are being surrendered to animal charities and rescues, in fact in 2021, the RSPCA saw a 26% increase in unwanted rabbits in comparison to 2020. 

At Little Hay Co we have been looking at how we can do our bit to support the effort to take care of small pets in their hour of need and we have come up with three small changes we can make in our business to help UK rescues. 

The Rescue Partnership Scheme started in 2023 to help UK animal rescues taking care of and rehoming small animals including rabbits, guinea pigs, Degus and Chinchillas. 

Step 1: Rescues sign up to the Scheme by emailing for registration and get access to an exclusive 40% discount for any of the products on our website.

Step 2: Our customers have the opportunity to donate items from our website to our Rescues using the rescue's Wishlist. The Rescues can add products from our website to the their wishlist and share via email and social media pages. They can also add our products to their amazon wishlists. 

Step 3: Helping to support new pets in their forever home. When a new pet is adopted from one of our Rescues we help them celebrate their "Gotcha Day" with 20% off their first order with us. 

Here are some of the rescues we already support

 Do you run a rescue or know someone who does? Get in touch with us to sign up and let us take some of the stress away by assisting with good quality, affordable hay.