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2022 Round Up 

As 2022 draws to a close we would like to thank our customers, old and new for all of their orders big and small. We have really enjoyed our first full year of the Little Hay Co.

2022 has been a difficult year for everyone individually and within business and we have been taking time over the past few months to review our pricing structures to align with increased packaging and fuel costs. 

January Price Increases - Eco Boxes

As of the 1st January 2023, all of our boxes will see a price increase to £24.95 for 10kgs and £18.00 for 5kgs, which bring us in line with market pricing, as well as better reflect the costs incurred during packaging and production.

Bale Price Drop

On the other hand and with immediate affect we will be reducing the price of our bales to £10.99. Now our pet baler is fully functional we can produce these at a reduced price and we are passing that saving on to our customers! 

Upcoming Additions to the Little Hay Co Product Line

As we move into January we will be adding new varieties of bales to our range. Firstly we will be producing 2kg bales at £6.99 each. We will also be producing bales with added herbs and flavours in both 2kg and 4kg sizes. Lastly we will soon be producing 2kg bales of Alfalfa hay to compliment our range.

 For the full list of our product prices please see below. 



 10KG boxes


 5KG boxes


 4KG bales


 4KG bales (Meadow)


 2KG Bales (January 2023)


 2KG Box


 1KG Box