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What’s been happening on the farm?
It’s been a while since we’ve done a farming roundup, so here’s a brief update on what we have been up to on the farm since last time.
We have been super busy since the new year constructing a new, secure dog field just outside of Yarnton, Oxfordshire. We have managed the entire project ourselves from planting the new grass seeds to putting up the fences and everything in between. The dog fields were officially opened on 1st June so we have been live for a week or so now and had some wonderful feedback from our visitors so far. A slight change of scenery from making hay, but we felt it was worth mentioning in case we have any local followers who would be interested in paying us a visit! This has been a big project that kept all of us at the farm very busy for the last 6 months. If you'd like to visit then please visit
Back to farming though and we have taken delivery of a new quadrant baler which will bale our hay for the hand packed boxes into bigger bales, this means we will be using less string for the same amount of hay, as well as less time being spent on the baling process.
We have done our first cut of field dried hay and haylage from our Italian Rye Grass, this has been made with horses as the intended consumer, the Ryegrass is very quick growing so we will have a second cut to take for pet hay in the later part of the summer.
Moving on to pet hay we have emptied the hay drying barn of all last years hay now so it is empty and ready for the first cut of this years pet hay, we aren’t sure which hay will be first to be ready yet, but we will keep you all updated on social media as it happens.
Following up on the pet side of business we have just launched a new range of herbs and fruits to our treat range, these are available in 100g or 1kg options dependant on the size of your pet population. We have sourced our treats to be suitable for all small pets but as always it is best to check with your chosen pet professional if you are unsure.
We will be back with a farm update in the next few months when the dog field is more established, the hay drying barn will be in full swing and we’ve all spent some time working on our farmers tans!