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100% natural, safe and reusable palm leaf bowls and plates are perfect to fill with favourite forage blends, hay or treats. Free from chemicals, binding agents/glue, additives, pesticides, chemicals and plastic. They are made from dried palm trees, also safe and enriching for your bunnies. They will love nibbling on these and throwing them around!
Due to these items being made from natural palm leaves, there will be variations in colour and texture.
🌴Palm leaf bowls and plates are made from the fallen leaves of Areca palm trees. These trees are mainly found in tropical regions of the Pacific, Asia and parts of East Africa.
🌴As part of their natural growth cycle, the Areca palm tree sheds it’s dried fronds many times a year. Fallen to the ground, the fronds appear as yellow-brown sheaths, with a thick and bark effect.
🌴The sheaths are collected, trimmed to remove the leaves then stacked before being sent off to a manufacturing plant.
🌴 The manufacturer cleans the sheaths with FRESH WATER. While they are still damp, the sheaths are then moulded into various items.
🐰Chemical-FREE | Pesticide-FREE | Plastic-FREE.
🐰PLANT-BASED | 100% Natural and Organic. Made from naturally fallen areca palm leaves.
Remember to check they are untreated bowls which are completely rabbit safe!
Blog Written by Lisa Bevan Administrator and moderator of The Bunny Corner Facebook Group