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Alexander is the farmer and creator of The Little Hay Co.  Inspired by amazing hay he discovered in the Austrian Alps, he has set about adapting this technology to create the best hay in the UK.  

“The Little Hay Co has been a challenging journey but very worthwhile - we have achieved our aim of reliably making the best hay in the UK.  With plenty of excellent quality stock to see us through to next season, I really look forward to the coming year.”


Charlie runs the office and it is she who you might interact with if you contact us - she loves to help.  She adores animals and so far has a horse and a puppy called Lexi.

“I waited for this job as I knew it would be very satisfying making a really high quality hay for pets - and a little bit for my horse!  The customer feedback has been so positive and I really enjoy that.”


Leigh is the main tractor driver and is in charge of mowing.  When this is done he can be found managing the hay barn from his crane cab with Thorn his spaniel at his feet.

“It’s not been without it’s drama’s this first year - but that is to be expected.  The hay we are now producing has made the long hours well worthwhile - and I have a few improvements up my sleeve for next year!”


Sam helps Leigh and can be found tedding the hay in the field to dry it before he goes out with his hay wagon to collect it up before delivering it to the barn.  His cab is getting crowded as Flo, his spaniel, has been joined by a puppy called Rolo.

“Harvest is always a very satisfying time but our hay harvests this year have really reinforced that.  The satisfaction of seeing that hay ready for dispatch to our customers, looking and smelling as it does, makes last year's hard work a lot more rewarding!”


Sophie runs our Tasting Team and with plenty of experience with good and bad hay over the years, knows the value of Little Hay Co hay.  She also feeds her two horses, Ruby and Arty, with the packing line wastage unavoidably produced at Little Hay Co hay and hasn’t heard a cough all winter from her horses.

“The Tasting Team are at best fussy eaters but the hay has been transformational to their diet.  It’s so easy now as I know they really are consuming enough fibre, and they look rather sleek on it”

If you have any questions at all or would like to speak to the team, please fill in our contact form and we will get straight back to you.