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From pasture to packing 📦
We start off with mowing the grass when it’s reached the perfect height and stem thickness.
This is then followed a day later by tedding, tedding flicks the grass out to give the strands more surface area to start the drying process.
Once the grass has dried slightly it’s rowed up into lines and then picked up in a forage wagon that brings it back to the barn for further, more accurate drying.
After a few days of careful drying and monitoring it’s ready to come back out the barn and be on the way to you! This time frame differs depending on how much grass is put in the barn and the grass type - Timothy dries the fastest while Cotswold Sweet & Silky Soft need a longer stint in the barn. 
Each box is packed by hand to order meaning we get to inspect the hay for any imperfections or natural contamination such as twigs etc. we also weigh each box to ensure that you’re getting exactly what you pay for.

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