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How to Make a Christmas Hay Wreath! 

What you will need: 

  • Your pets favourite hay (long strands are easiest to work with) 
  • Jute twine
  • Your Choice of Forage (barley rings, rattan balls, plantain leaves, sticks or dandelion roots all work well) 

Step 1: Begin by forming your Hay into a wreath shape. I found twisting the hay helped to keep it's shape. 


Step 2: Cut a long line of Jute twine and tie it in place onto the wreath. The twine will be used to secure the wreath all the way round however before you do this you can loop on some Barley rings, rattan balls or other treats your have. 


Step 3: Carefully wrap the twine round the wreath repeatedly, working your way around the wreath to keep the hay together. once you have made your way round the wreath tie off your jute twine so you have once complete loop. 


Step 4: Get a second line of jute twine, secure it to your wreath, this time work the opposite way round the wreath - again the twine can be used to add decorations to the wreath. cut holes through your pets favourite fresh fruit, veg, leaves or treats to thread them into place. 


Step 5: Use one last piece of Jute String to create a bow and loop so you can hang your wreath. 


Step 6: Adding Forage, Create small pockets in your wreath to nestle pieces of forage. Poke sticks through the twine and hay to add additional decore. 


Your Christmas Wreath is complete! Hang for your pet to enjoy - this is great for a boredom breaker for your bun or guinea pig or to add a festive feel to your pets enclosure. 



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