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The news we’ve not been wanting to give you all. Our Cotswold Sweet stocks are depleting rapidly. We’d turned 5 and 10kg purchasing off for one time purchases a few weeks back and now we have had to put our 4kg bales out of stock too because we need to keep what stock we do have left for our subscription customer. We feel it is only fair to keep subscriptions maintained as they have committed to those purchases however it is likely that we will still run out before the next harvest is cut. So if you’re reading this as a product subscriber, we are looking out for you as long as possible but Please be aware we may contact you in the near future to let you know we have run out of Cotswold sweet.

How do you manage without your Pets favourite hay? 

Plan a gradual transition over a 7 to 14 day period. The slower the transition the better, especially for fussy pets or those with sensitive stomachs. Start with the current hay your pet is accustomed to. This will be the baseline for the transition. In the first few days, mix a small amount (about 25%) of the new hay with the current hay. Monitor your pet for any signs of discomfort or digestive issues. Over the next several days, gradually increase the proportion of the new hay while decreasing the amount of the old hay. Aim to reach a 50/50 mix by the midpoint of the transition period. Keep an eye on your pet's digestive health. If your pet experiences tummy upset, go back to the previous ratio and maintain it for a few more days before attempting to increase the new hay again. By the end of the transition period, your pet should be eating only the new hay. Remember that individual pets may respond differently to dietary changes, so it's crucial to be patient and attentive throughout the transition process. Always consult with your veterinarian for personalised advice based on your pet's specific needs.

Variety is good for our Furry Friend! 

It is recommended to feed a variety of hay types to encourage more fibre intake so whilst we are rationing our final stock it may be worthwhile to keep your Cotswold Sweet as an occasional ‘treat’ to feed alongside a different hay type. We have a range of hay available to cater to every bun and piggie – even the fussy ones! If you aren’t sure which will be your pets favourite we sell boxes from 1kg up which should give you enough for a fair trial.

We have left Cotswold Sweet in stock in 1 and 2 kg boxes for those who need hay to transition with, we’d recommend either our Pure Timothy or Canadian Timothy as the closest available alternative to transition to. These are limited to one per purchase to reduce panic buying and any pet being left without their favourite hay to transition with.

When Will Cotswold Sweet be back? 

The good news is, this isn’t goodbye to Cotswold Sweet, it is merely a see you soon!

Cotswold Sweet is the fastest growing grass on the farm so it should be back anytime from end of April- early June depending on the weather. Our not so secret weapon ( the drying barn), will allow us to cut a crop while it is still wet and dry it in small quantities, so as soon as Leigh feels the crop has enough stem and the field is accessible we will try for small batches in April. We did this to make our first batch of 2nd cut timothy with great success so we are optimistic! If you are worrying about how long this next crop will last us, please don’t! The current Cotswold Sweet crop has lasted us just under 2 years and since then we have planted more Rye fields to keep up with the growing love of Cotswold Sweet.


If you need any help amending your subscription please do contact us on and we will be happy to advise and assist.

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